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How I work

I am here to listen.

As a therapist, I would like you to know that I am ready to explore what you say and support you in finding ways to understand how past and present experiences affect your life today and the way you view yourself.

The aim  is to help you making renewed choices, not by giving advice or telling you what to do: those goals could be achieved by creating a safe space and a working relationship with a therapist.

If you feel that , at this moment, you are stuck, or unable to move forward. Perhaps, significant circumstances such as bereavement and loss, troubled relationships, or feeling unable to get over past events are common reasons for seeking a therapist. Feeling down and anxious could be hard to get over alone.




My work is mainly informed by the Psychodynamic approach and is a talking therapy. It can help you with addictions, anger management, anxiety, bereavement and loss, depression, career issues, personal development, relationships and family conflicts, sexuality, stress, etc.

Sessions are fifty minutes long.

My fees vary upon location, time of day and using a sliding scale based on what clients can afford to pay.

At the moment,  I have very few low-fee time slots for prospective clients who could be experiencing financial difficulties. 

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